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Chinese Roast Pork

Chinese Roast Pork Categories: Chinese|Pork
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Preparation time:
Total time:
Source: Chinese Cooking Zhauhua Beijing p.65

    250 grams (8oz)  pork
    20 ml (4tsp)  peanut oil
    30 ml (1 tblsp)  soy sauce
    15 grams (3 1/2 tsp)  white sugar
      Cooking wine to taste
      Finely chopped scallion
      Ginger to taste
      Salt to taste
      MSG to taste

Cut pork into 7cm long by 3 cm wide strips. Score surface of each strip. Marinate in soy sauce, cooking wine, scallion, salt, and msg 1-2 hours.
To cook:
Heat oil in pan over high heat. Put in pork adn fry until nearly done, then place in a covered pot. Add a little water and sugar to the pot adn bring to a bowl. Turn the heat to low and stew the pork until it is well done adn all the liquid has cooked away. Serve hot or cold.

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