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Before adding recipes to the database, please review the following guidelines concerning the copyright:
The recipes you add here will be made instantenously available on internet and to the users of Shop'NCook software and applications through the Direct Access function. By creating and using an account with Shop'NCook's Direct Access online database, you must agree not to upload copyrighted material. In particular you must not upload pictures that you didn't take yourself or without the agreement of the copyright owner. Since this is a public database, only recipes with complete ingredient list and preparation instructions will be accepted.

By submitting your recipes to The Recipe Database, you are representing to Rufenacht Innovative that to the best of your knowledge the collection of recipes and the individual recipes are not copyrighted, or that you have the permission of the copyright owner to send it to us for redistribution. You understand that the recipes will be made available to our users to consult or download.

I agree to these terms.   

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