Rice noodles braised in a gravy (Rad nah) ?????????????????

Rice noodles braised in a gravy (Rad nah) ????????????????? Categories: Thai|Noodles
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Source: One plate meals p.21

    1 lb  rice noodles
    11 oz (300 grams)  beef fillet, thin slices
    1 lb  young tops Chinese kale
    2 tablespoons  fermented soybean sauce
    1 tablespoon  dark soy sauce
    10 cloves  garlic
    2 ounce  cassava flour
      fish sauce
      ground white pepper

Stir fry noodles in dark soy until thoroughly mixed through. Remove from heat, arrange on plates. Peel garlic, chop finely. Stir-fry in oil until lightly golden. Add beef, cook until no longer pink. Add soybean sauce, water, heat to boiling over moderate heat. Add kale, sugar, fish sauce. Add flour and water. Pour over noodles.

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