Apple Crisp

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      Apple crisp
I use a lot of apples like 10 it says 6 but I like a lot cause they melt and don?t cut them to thin. Depends on the pan you use also. Judge it. Peel and core and slice apples . Wash them under cold water and then place in pan I make sugar cinnamon mixture and sprinkle over them . Then mix in bowl the following
    1 cup  flour
    1 cup  brown sugar packed tight
1/2 cup or half stick softened butter.. (leave it out to get soft don?t melt it)
    2 tablespoons  cinnamon

Use your finger to mix it
Just like work it so it becomes crumbly but not to much to be oily .
Then place it over the apples in baking dish . Creating a topping like.
Sometimes I sprinkle a little brown sugar over my apples before with the cinnamon sugar mixture I just sprinkle a lil.
Then bake in oven at 3.75 for about 30 mins or until I see it bubbling on the sides. Judge it ya don?t want top to burn.
And whala you have an awesome apple crisp.
Let me know how it comes out .
Now remember that is for a big baking pan like a cake pan yanno. If smaller pan just use 1/2 cup of flour and brown sugar and 1/4 cup butter etc..
Don?t use unsalted butter
Has to be salted
And I like using courtland or macs their best for baking

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