Lemon-flavored lassi

Lemon-flavored lassi Categories: Drinks|Kids favorites|Shop'NCook
Nb persons: 2
Yield: 3/4 cup
Preparation time: 2 minutes
Total time: 2 minutes
Source: Mathilde Rufenacht

My six-year-old daughter is lactose intolerant. I looked for alternative calcium source. I found out (with Shop'NCook program!) that lassi has almost as high a calcium content as milk. But my daughter didn't like its plain yogurt taste. I experimented with different flavoring and with her help developped the recipe below that she really enjoys. Tip: DON'T try to flavor lassi with chocolate, yuck!
    1 cup  plain yogurt, (I use acydophilius bifidus)
    1/2 cup  water
    2 tbsp  sugar
    1/4 tsp  lemon extract, (or to taste)

Blend well with a hand mixer. Serve when foamy.

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