Sushi vinegar (US units)

Sushi vinegar (US units) Categories: Shop'NCook|Japanese|Bases|Preserves
Nb persons: 40
Yield: 675 ml

    2 cup  rice vinegar
    1 1/2 cup  sugar
    1/8 cup  salt

Mix the ingredients in a skillet over medium heat. Be careful not to let the vinegar boil, as it would loose its taste. As soon as the sugar and salt have dissolved, pour the preparation back in the original vinegar bottle (if it is in glass) and put the bottle in a bucket of cold water under running water to cool it down as fast as possible. This way it retains most of its flavor. You can keep it a while. It is used as a base for sushi rice preparation.

About rice vinegar: Rice vinegar has a mild, slightly sweet taste compared to other types of vinegar. It is often written that you can substitute it for apple cider vinegar, but I find the flavor quite different. When I really have to, I usually substitute 3 tbsp rice vinegar with 2 tbsp white wine vinegar plus 1 tbsp water.

Written by: Mathilde Rufenacht
Based partly on: Nihon no kateiryouri dokushuusho by Yoshiharu Doi

Copyright Rufenacht Innovative 2004.

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