California sushi rolls

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Nb persons: 6

Sushi vinegar:
    9 tbsp  rice vinegar
    6 tbsp  sugar
    1 1/2 tsp  salt
    2 cups  japanese rice
    6 sheets  nori, = big square of dark green seaweed
    1 medium  cucumber
    1  avocado
    1 tbsp  lemon juice
    9  imitation crab stick, or cooked snow crab meat
      soy sauce
      pickled ginger

1. Preparation of sushi rice:
Follow the instructions of the recipe for sushi vinegar. Prepare the rice as in the recipe for sushi rice. You will need about 1/2 cup of sushi vinegar. Spread the rice on an aluminum foil to cool it.

2. Preparation of the filling:
Wash and peel the cucumber. Seed it and cut it in thin long strips. Cut the avocados in two, remove the pit and the peel, and cut them likewise. Sprinkle the lemon on them to keep it from darkening. Remove the wrap of the crab sticks and cut them in two lengthwise.

3. Rolling:
Put a nori sheet in the center of a dry bamboo rolling mat. Take one eighth of the rice and spread it evenly on the nori, leaving about one inch at the far end of the nori sheet. To handle the rice, wet your fingers with water mixed with a little bit of vinegar. Dispose one eighth of the cucumber and avocado strips on a two-inch strip in the center of the rice. Arrange the crab sticks on top. Start rolling by taking the end of the rolling mat nearest to you and bringing it over the end of the layer of rice. Press to make a tight roll while pulling back the end of the bamboo mat as neccessary. With a wet towel, push softly on the sides of the roll to arrange the filling. Wet a little the end of the nori sheet to help closing the roll. Remove the rolling mat. Cut 1 inch-thick slices with a wet knife.
Repeat for the other nori sheets.

4. Serving:
Serve with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger at the side.

Note: Many variations of filling are possible. For example try to use cooked shrimps, raw tuna, shiitake cooked with soy sauce.

Written by: Mathilde Rufenacht

Copyright Rufenacht Innovative 2004.

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