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Source: Mediteranean Cookbook

    6 large  garlic cloves
    1 teaspoon  salt
     cup  extra-virgin olive oil
    2  egg yolks

Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature. Crush the garlic and the salt using a mortar and pestle until you have a smooth paste. Add the 2 egg yolks to the garlic paste in the mortar. This makes the sauce much easier to prepare.
Add just a drop of oil to the paste and continue to pound until it has been thoroughly incorporated.

Continue to add the oil drop by drop, pounding all the time, until an emulsion begins to form. If you add the oil too quickly, the mixture will not emulsify. Conversely, once you have achieved a thick emulsion, stop adding oil at once, or you will ?break? the emulsification. This sauce should not be chilled before serving.

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