Mixed Chinese Vegetables

Mixed Chinese Vegetables Categories:
Nb persons: 4
Preparation time:
Total time:

    1/2 head  fresh broccoli
    1/2 pound  fresh spinach
    1/2 pound  fresh pea pods
    4 stalks  celery
    2  carrots
    2 medium  onions
    1-8 oz. Can  water chestnuts, sliced and drained
    1 slice  fresh Ginger root, crushed
    2  scallions
    3/4 cup  chicken broth
    2 tablespoons  vegetable oil

Cut broccoli tops into flowerets. Cut broccoli stalks in thin strips 2 inches long. Chop spinach coarsely. Remove strings from pea pods. Cut celery in 1/2 inch diagonal slices. Cut onions in wedges and separate layers. Cut carrots and scallions in thin diagonal slices.

Heat oil in the Wok at 375 F (190 C). When the Indicator Light goes off, add broccoli stalks, carrots, and Ginger. Stir fry 1 minute. Add all remaining vegetables. Toss lightly. Add chicken broth. Cover Wok and cook until vegetables are crisp, yet tender, about 2 to 3 minutes.

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