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Commercial sweetened condensed milk has been a staple in American kitchens, since 1856. Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk was developed by Gail Borden, as a means to eliminate food poisoning due to the lack of AdChoices proper refrigeration, at that time. Sweetened Condensed Milk was safe to drink and very wholesome. Because of the countless number of infants and children who thrived on this product, it was credited with greatly reducing the infant mortality rate, in the United States and Canada. During the Civil War, this yummy milk substitute was widely used by all branches of the military. In fact, this usage is what made Eagle Brand® the household name it is today. Those who enjoy baking have always loved to try new recipes, using sweetened condensed milk. In 1931, Borden Kitchens received over 80,000 recipes when they offered home bakers a payment of $25 for each, quick and easy, original recipe that was submitted. Condensed milk can be used as an ingredient in many types of recipes, namely desserts. Everything from pies, to cakes, to cookies, to sauces, to ice creams, to hot drinks and smoothies can be created with this magic liquid. Why has this product been called 'magic', you ask? It's really quite simple. When you combine the milk with an acidic fruit juice, such as lemon, orange or lime, the mixture thickens without heating. In addition, the majority of recipes that call for sweetened condensed milk don't require sugar, as an ingredient. This is because of the already dissolved sugar, incorporated into the milk. Those who find themselves using sweetened condensed milk frequently can save money by making it themselves. It's quite simple to do and does not require the purchase of expensive ingredients. To make your own sweetened condensed milk, follow these simple instructions. You can't go wrong. (Note: this recipe is equivalent to a 14 oz. can of store bough milk.)
    1/3 cup  boiling water
    1/4 cup  butter, (softened)
    3/4 cup  sugar
    1/2 t.  vanilla
    1 cup  dry skim milk

~ Combine 1st four ingredients in a heat proof bowl. Blend with electric mixer, till well mixed.
~ Add dry milk. Mix till smooth and thickened.
~Cool to room temperature. (Mixture will continue to thicken.)

This recipe can be transferred to an air-tight container and refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

It also freezes well. (It will actually remain somewhat soft, in the freezer.) To use, stir vigorously for a minute or two and proceed with recipe.

Visit the official Eagle Brand® website for many tasty recipes using your homemade sweetened condensed milk.

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