Veg-Braised Sweet Gourd with Bean Curds

Veg-Braised Sweet Gourd with Bean Curds Categories:
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    2 pieces  egg bean curds, cut into 4 cm strips
    4 pieces  soya bean skin cut into strips
1/2 carrot cut into thin strips
    3 cups  oil for deep frying
    1/2 tbsp  chopped garlic
    1 tsp  chopped ginger
1 sweet gourd ( 200 gms), cot into pieces Seasoning
    1/2 tbsp  oyster sauce
    1 tbsp  light soya sauce
    1 tsp  salt
Dash of pepper and chicken stock granules
    150 ml  water
    1 tsp  corn flour, mixed with 2 tbsp water, for thickening

1. Deep fry egg bean curds and skin in hot oil until golden brown. Dish and drain. Arrange on a serving plate.
2. Heat 1 tbsp oil, sauté chopped garlic and ginger until fragrant. Add carrots, stir fry,Add in sweet gourd and stir well. Add in seasoning and cook for 2 mins. Thicken with corn flour water and pour over fried bean curds. Serve hot.

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