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<RecipeTitle>Chinese Burgers</RecipeTitle>
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<IngredientText>Chinese Burgers:</IngredientText>
<RecipeText>Ingredients:1. Two pounds of pork( pork belly and pork loice)
2. Cooking wine
3. Salt
4. Chinese fiespice
5. Dark soy sauce
6. Light soy sauce
7. Brown sugar
8. Fort sugar in slices
9. Ginger
10.6/7 pieces of ginger
11. Free Bay leaves
12. Two tablespoons of Chinese pepper
13. Two star leaves
14. One stick of celery
15. One stick of onions
16. One carrot
17. Half a medium sized garlic
18. All purpose flower
19. Baking powder
20. Yeast
21. Sugar

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