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Salmon/Shrimp Sushi

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Ingredients:a big slice of backside/belly salmon(standard market size)
:a bowl of rice(25% sticky)
:a bit of water
Process:1. Thaw the slice of salmon and wrap it in tissues to dehydrate so it won?t slip on the board.
2. See the white line in the middle? Cut on it and take a turn when you reach the skin and continue cutting.( do the same with the other side but cut a slice first.
3. Cut off the grey parts with the blade.
4. Cut it to slices from up to down(horizontally).
5. Continue(try letting the next one?s thickness be the same as the last one and keep adjusting the angles.
6. Wrap your hand with water.
7. Make a small rice ball.
8. Wrap the salmon around it.
9. Make an air hole in the rice.
10. Close the air hole.
11. Press different sides for several times.
12. Repeat for no matter how many times you want.


Ingredients:1. Some big size 13-15 (13-15 pieces per pound)
2. Bundle skewers twice the size but the same amount as the shrimps.
Process:1. Skewer the shrimps at the belly line just bellow the shell.
2. Boil them in water for three minutes and put them in icy water for a few minutes when finished.
3. Take them out when they are cold and peel off the shell except for the tail.
4. Cut it open at the belly line but stop when you see a whole black line. Take it out.
5. Take a bowl of sticky rice and make a ball small enough to fit the shrimp and fit it in.
6. Spin and press it at every angle.
7.Do the same with the others.

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