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DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint

DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint Categories:
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Preparation time:
Total time:

Supplies Needed:
    1 cup  flour
    1 cup  water
    1/2 cup  shaving cream
      food coloring
    gallon  freezer bags

plastic squirt bottles (I have these)

3 Ingredient DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint - mixing the ingredients
1. Inside a gallon-sized freezer bag, mix flour and water together so there are no clumps.

3 Ingredient DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint - adding food coloring

2. Add 10 drops of food coloring and 1/2 cup shaving cream. We did not measure, just estimate it. Close baggie and mix well using your hands on the outside of the bag.

3-Ingredient DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint - piping paint into a bottle

3. Cut the end of the bag and pipe mixture into the bottle. Don?t cut the end too large or it will be difficult to get into the bottle.

3-Ingredient DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint - bottles of paint plus drawings in paint

4. Secure lid and squeeze onto the sidewalk to draw with. Keep some toothpicks nearby in case the squirt bottles get plugged with a clump of flour. (That happened to us, but was easy to fix.)

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