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Meat Filling for Ravioli

Meat Filling for Ravioli Categories:
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    5 lbs  ground beef, veal, pork combo.
    1  onion chopped
    5 cloves  garlic chopped
    1cup  parsley chopped
    1 lb  grated Parmesan
3 bundles frozen spinach
    1/4 cup  rosemary chopped fine.
    1/4 cup  marjoram chopped fine
    1 cup  seasoned bread crumbs
    1Tbsp  allspice
    8  beaten eggs


Sauté onions, garlic & parsley.
Remove from pan.
Brown meat, cook spinach and drain, mix all ingredients except eggs and cheese.
Cook together for ten minutes stirring constantly at low heat. Season with Salt & Pepper
Take off burner a transfer to bowl and let cool.
Then pulse in processor adding cheese and eggs to a fine consistency. There is your filling!
Make your ravioli dough and do your thing.

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