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Mom?s Other Pot Roast:)

Mom?s Other Pot Roast:) Categories:
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    2 1/2 to 3 pound  chuck roast
Lots of garlic
    1 TB  brown sugar
      Olive oil
    Large  onion, cut up
    10 oz  beef broth or consommé
    2 TB  Worshestire sauce
    1-2 TB  ground yellow mustard
      Bay leaf
Fresh, sliced mushy s
    1 bottle  beer
      Dried thyme
    3 TB  corn starch and water. Add at end, to thicken.

Mix first 4 ingredients, set side. Brown onions and meat in oil. Add rest of ingredients, except water and cornstarch. Slow cook or roast until very tender. Mix cornstarch and water (or just use some broth from roast) and mix u til smooth. Add to roast to thicken sauce.

Serve with potatoes or noodles on side.

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