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Lobster Roller

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Nb persons: 4
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Classic Maine Lobster Rolls The classic Maine lobster roll is easy to replicate at home once you know how. How many rolls you can make from this recipe will depend on the size of the roll -- but plan on 3 to 4. Servings Ingredients
    1lbs (or slightly more)  cooked lobster meat, keeping 4 of the claw meat intact for garnish
    1/4cup  finely minced celery
1/4cup best-quality mayonnaise(I prefer Stonewall Kitchen?s Farmhouse Mayo), plus additional to garnish (only if you didn?t get the claw meat out in one piece!)
    1/2tsp  fresh lemon juice, (I literally just squeeze a few drops on the lobster)
      Sea salt, only if necessary and finely ground black pepper, to taste
4 best quality New England-style hot dog rolls (see note below)
    5tbs  very soft salted butter
Optional, but good: Paprika, to garnish Optional, but good:
    A few  finely minced chives

In a medium bowl, lightly combine the lobster, celery, mayonnaise, and lemon juice. Taste first, seasoning with salt only if necessary and lightly with pepper. Chill until ready to use, but no more than 8 hours in advance.
When ready to serve, place a griddle or a large non-stick skillet over medium-low heat. Spread both sides of the rolls with the butter and cook each side until golden brown, about 1 to 2 minutes per side (check your first roll, I found the bakery rolls browned faster, and it only took slightly more than a minute per side).
Fill and mound each roll with the lobster mixture?they will be quite full. Garnish the top of each with a piece of claw meat, or place a little dollop of mayonnaise on top of each roll and sprinkle it with a smidge of paprika. Serve immediately.

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