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Steak or Chicken Gyros

Steak or Chicken Gyros Categories:
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    2 steaks  or chicken breasts
    1/3 C  olive oil
    1 t  garlic
    2 t  dried oregano
    1 t  salt
    1/4 t  ground black pepper
    1 T  lemon juice
    1 container  tzatziki sauce
4 white or wheat pitas
    1 container  cherry tomatoes
    1/2  red pepper

4 leafs of romaine lettuce

Add meat, spices, and juices to marinate for 1 to 8 hours. Grill meat and slice thinly.

Dice up lettuce, pepper, and tomato. Use diced veggies with pitas to create gyro. Cover in tzatziki sauce.

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