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    5 10 oz pkgs  frozen chopped spinach thawed overnight
    1 bunch  parsley-curly--chopped
    2 bunches  green onions, sliced
    8  eggs, slightly beaten
      White pepper to taste
    1 c  Parmesan cheese
    1 pound  feta cheese, crumbled
    3-4 sticks  butter melted

1 p phyllo leaves--defrosted overnight in fridge
Put leaves out in their wrapping for 2 hours before using

Drain spinach thoroughly
Wringing out moisture in cotton dish towel over disposal works great
Mix spinach with all ingredients EXCEPT phyllo and butter
Brush each of 9 phyllo leaves with melted butter and place in bottom of 10x 15 pan or use 2 8 X 8 dishes
Keep unused leaves covered with damp towel
Pour filling over and top with 9 more sheets of phyllo brushed with butter
Cut into servings with sharp knife and bake at 375 for 15 min then 350 degrees for 45 min
You may also freeze after cutting into servings

Can also make into appetizers by cutting each phyllo sheet into 3-4 strips -- long wise
Brush with butter and place doll up of spinach on each and fold making a football shape
Bake at 350-375 for about 10 min-- longer if frozen

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