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Shu Fly Pie

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Crumbs---1 c flour ---1 c brown sugar ---1 T shortening
    1 c  molasses, (1/3 rd c dark Briar Rabbit, 2/3rd c King Syrup)
    1 c  boiling water
    1  egg
    1 tsp  baking soda

Mix together ** except for 1/3rd c crumbs for top
Pour into unbaked pie shell
And put the 1/3rd c crumbs on top

**mix by hand ONLY!!
Mix unbeaten egg with molasses and King syrup and baking soda
Then add boiling water
NEVER use mixer to get rid of lumps after stirring (by hand) in the crumbs.

Make about 40 min at 350 degrees
(Til it springs back)

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