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SWEET ROLLS - Butterhorns

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GRANDMA'S BUTTERHORNS Pinterest - Brunch Author: Pinch of Yum - adapted from Grandma R's recipe Serves:
    48  rolls
    2 cups  flour
    12 oz.  cottage cheese
    2 sticks  butter
    dash  salt
    2 cups  powdered sugar
    2 tbs.  butter
    2 tbs.  milk
    1 tsp.  almond flavoring

Beat cottage cheese and butter together. Add in flour and salt. Mix together and refrigerate overnight.
Divide dough into 4 parts. Roll out each part like pie dough, and cut into 12 pie shaped wedges. Roll big end to little end.
Bake on greased cookie sheet at 350 for 30 minutes. Cool.
Mix frosting ingredients together (sugar through almond flavoring) and spread on cooled crescents.

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