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Spaghettini with salmon roe

Spaghettini with salmon roe Categories: Japanese|Pasta|Main Dishes|Shop'NCook
Nb persons: 3
Preparation time:
Total time:

I felt somewhat creative today - here is what I came up with. Note: it is not really that original, but based on a popular Japanese recipe for pasta with mentaiko (pollock roe).
    350 g  spaghettini, (I didn't have any and used something else)
    100 g  salmon roe
    1 sheet  nori
    a little  garden cress
    2 tbsp  butter

Cook the spaghettini according to instructions. Cut the nori sheet in thin stripes of about 2 inch length. When the pasta is cooked, drain, mix at once with the butter. Serve in individual dishes, topped with a heaped tablespoon of salmon roe, a handful of cress and nori stripes. Can be served with parmesan, although some (= my husband) say it is an heresy. Enjoy!

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