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Raw Hazelnut and Mint Chocolate Truffles by SUSAN (Raw foods)

Raw Hazelnut and Mint Chocolate Truffles by SUSAN (Raw foods) Categories:
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    1 C  Cashews, soaked at least 3 hours
    1/3 C  Agave
    1 C  dried coconut,, (non sweetened)
Place drained cashews and agave in food processor. Process until smooth. Add dried coconut and mix until well combined. A ball should form. Remove half the mixture and set aside. You will be making two different fillings. Hazelnut Filling
    1/2 C  Hazelnuts, soaked for at least 3 hours
Add hazelnuts to the mixture that is still in the food processor. Process until nuts are chopped fine and mixture is well combined.Refrigerate for 1/2 hour. Mint Filling:
    1/2 t  Peppermint extract
Add peppermint extract to remaining mixture and mix well. Refrigerate for 1/2 hour. Assemble the Truffles: Roll filling into 1″ balls. Place in freezer for 1 hour. While filling is setting up, make the raw chocolate. Raw Chocolate:
    1 C  Raw Cacao Butter
    1 t.  Vanilla
    3 T  Coconut Oil
    1/3 C  Powdered Sucanat, (finely ground in coffee grinder)
    2 T  Agave
    7 oz.  Cacao Powder

Melt cacao butter and coconut oil in dehydrator or over hot water. In food processor, combine melted cacao butter, coconut oil, agave and vanilla. Remove 1/2 mixture and set aside. Add 1/2 cacao powder and combine. Add sucanant and combine. Add cacao butter that was set aside and combine. Add remaining cacao powder, mix well. It should be quite liquid at this point. It will harden as it cools.


1. Take a filling ball and place a toothpick in it.

2. Dip it in the melted raw chocolate.

3. Holding the chocolate dipped ball over the chocolate, let the extra chocolate run off. Be patient and wait until it has all dripped off. You can slowly turn the ball while it is dripping to get better coverage.

4. Holding the chocolate covered ball upright, slide just the tip of a fork off under the ball, very carefully slide the ball onto a non-stick sheet. Repeat until all filling balls are covered. Place back in refrigerator to set chocolate.

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