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Puff Pastry Waffles

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Ingredients 1 roll of puff pastry ( 230gr)
    3 1/2 tsp  fruit jam of your choice or nutella
    1  egg yolk

icing powder, for decoration

11. Preheat waffle iron
22. Roll out puff pastry and cut out 14 circles, around 6 to 7cm each, ( 2,5inch), by using a glass
33. Two pastry circles per waffle are needed; place 1/2 tsp of fruit jam in the middle of one pastry circle
44. Beat the egg yolk and spread it on the border of the pastry circle with the jam on
55. Close the 'waffle to be' with 2nd pastry circle on top and press well on the edge, close the edge by using a fork
66. Place prepared pastry circles in the waffle iron, two at a time, (that is if your waffle iron can make 2 waffles at the same time) and bake them 6 to 8min. or until golden brown.
7Once they are baked, let them cool for 5min., sprinkle with icing powder and serve warm. Enjoy!

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