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Kransekake Categories: Dessert
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Preparation time:
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Source: Jean Porrett

For the cake:
    1.5 lb  almond paste, (3 cups)
    1.5 cups  granulated sugar
    3  egg whites, slightly beaten
For the frosting:
    1  egg white
    3 – 4 drops  white vinegar
    1 – 1 ¼ cup  powdered sugar


Mix the cake ingredients the day before planning to bake.
Take dough out of refrigerator ½ hour before using.
Spray KranAlsekake Tins with 2 layers of pam. (not butter flavored)
Using a heavy duty Swedish cookie press, pipe dough into tins.
If tins are not available, can pipe dough onto greased baking paper which has been marked with rings, the largest being 10”. Each subsequent ring is 1/4” less.
Need 18 rings.
Additional dough can be formed into “S” shapes for decorating the cake.
Bake at 325 for 20 – 25 minutes.
Bake toward light brown to medium golden. It is easier to handle if more baked.

Mix together the frosting ingredients.
After the rings have cooled, assemble into the crown shape using the frosting as a “glue”.
Drizzle frosting over all.

The cake may be decorated with the “S” shapes. A bottle of Cherry Herring or Kjafa may be hidden inside the cake.

Do NOT keep in tight container.

Can frost the cake day prior to serving.

Keep in a cool dark place, covered with wax paper

Kransekake is Norweigian for “crown cake”. It is served on very special occasions such as weddings.

Kransekake Tins: The Nordic Shop
Almond Paste: Use bakers type available from Maid of Scandinavia or Ingebretson

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