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Oyster beef

Oyster beef Categories: Shop'NCook|Beef|Main dishes|Chinese|Quick
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    250 g  beef, thin slices
    3 cloves  garlic, chopped (1mm)
    1 in  ginger root, chopped (1mm)
    50 cc  sake or white wine
    1 tbsp  olive oil
    1 bunch  spinach, (optional) OR
    1  green bell pepper, (optional)
    2 tbsp  oyster sauce
    3 tsp  corn starch

Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add garlic, ginger, beef slices, sake. Sauté. When meat is half cooked, add spinach. Just before everything is cooked, sprinkle pepper and oyster sauce. Mix. Simmer. Dilute sornstarch in 50cc water. Add and mix. Adjust the taste with oyster sauce

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