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CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES Categories: Cakes|Cookies|dessert/chocolate truffles/truffles
Nb persons: 100
Yield: 100 pralines
Preparation time: 45 minutes
Total time:
Source: Gavin Grabe

    130g  Cream
    50g  Passionfruit Puree
    50g  Mango Puree
    20g  Lemon Juice
    10g  Lime juice
    45g  Ideal inverted sugar
    145g  Milk Chocolate
    145g  Bittersweet chocolate
    20g  Rum
    60g  Butter unsalted

boil first 5 ingredientd and pour over inverted sugar and chocolate
Stir to form and emulsion.
Let it cool until 96F(36C) then add rum and butter
Fill in casted moulds.

Moulds...spray with cocoa butter
Cast with Dark Bittersweet choc

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