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Chicken Pakoras With Plum Chutney

Chicken Pakoras With Plum Chutney Categories:
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Ingredients: 450 gms/ 1 lb boneless chicken breasts
    1 tbsp  lemon juice
    1 tsp  garlic paste
    1 tsp  Ginger paste
2 green chillies, grounded
    1/2 tsp  ground turmeric
    1 tsp  red chilli powder
    1 tsp  salt
    1 tsp  ground coriander
      Oil for deep frying
Ingredients (for the batter): 200 gms/ 7 oz gram flour (chickpea flour)
    1 tsp  salt
    1 tsp  chilli powder
    1 tsp  coriander seeds, crushed
    1 tsp  garam masala
    1 tsp  bicarbonate of soda
    2 tbsp  freshly chopped coriander
    300 ml  water


1.Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces, place in a bowl and rub the chicken cubes with lemon juice then set aside.
2.In a small mixing bowl, mix together the garlic, Ginger paste, salt, chilli powder, turmeric, green chillies and ground coriander.
3.Pour over the chicken pieces and mix to coat well, cover and set aside for at least 2 hours.
4.Place the dry ingredients for the batter in a large mixing bowl and gradually add the water, beating to a smooth paste.
5.The consistency should be like thick pancake batter.
6.Leave aside to rest for 20 minutes.
7.Heat the oil to 180*C/350F.
8.Dip a few pieces of chicken into the batter to thoroughly coat, then using your fingers or tongs, carefully drop them into the hot oil.
9.Fry for a few minutes, then turn them over and continue to fry for a further 5-8 minutes until crisp and golden.
10.Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.
11.Repeat with the remaining chicken pieces and serve hot.

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