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Deep fried mushrooms

Deep fried mushrooms Categories:
Nb persons: 4
Preparation time:
Total time:

    1lb  button mushrooms. 2 eggs, beaten
Salt and pepper to taste. 3tbsp plain flour
    3tbsp  semolina. Oil for deep frying

Tomato slices and parsley to garnish.
Herb sauce: 4oz cream cheese, 7floz natural yogurt, 1tbsp chopped fresh parsley and 1tsp Worcestershire sauce.

Wipe mushrooms. Mix eggs with salt and pepper in a bowl. Mix flour and semolina together on a plate. Dip mushrooms in egg the flour. Heat oil to 180C/350F. Add about 1/3 of mushrooms and fry for 5 mins or until golden brown. Keep warm while frying the rest.

Add all sauce Ingredients together.

Good served with thin slices of brown or White toast and butter.

If you like garlic add a crushed clove of garlic to beaten eggs.

Serves 4. Calories per serving 365.

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